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>With NVIDIA Tesla in a while you can analyze your DNA

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To test the NVIDIA Tesla platform can only be simple tools for supercomputing,green company just announced that the Beijing Genomics Institute has just taken agiant step in analyzing the DNA sequencing.

Previously, this process could take about 4 days, or 96 hours to complete. With thefarm‘s company Tesla Jen Hsun-Huang, the time has been reduced to only 6 hours.This allows scientists to have more data in hand, and give the potential for researchers and professionals to achieve new drugs or treatments to custom, and above all affordable.

The Tesla-accelerated processes: Alignment SOAP3, assembly and sequencing ofgenomes for comparison, GSNP, detection of single nucleotide polymorphism, andGAMA, location specific frequency of variants in genes (eye color, cancer risk, etc.).

For they say that the idea of this is the goal of U.S. $ 1,000, which apparently refers to the reduced cost of conducting research and results. It seems that the way of theGPU solve this financial problem  as good Gabo points us in the comments, is the cost to process an entire human genome. Would not surprise me that we will soonbegin to charge less for a DNA test.

Via press release

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