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>Wi Fi and laptop affects fertility of mens

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this is a public utility notice to readers of wayerlesslabs: It is known that there is not a good idea to put the notebook on your lap if you’re a man, and now there is one more reason to heed that advice. A study published in Fertility and Sterility Journal and conducted by Argentine researchers found that WiFi can harm the quality of semen.

The scientists took samples from 29 healthy men and put under a laptop connected via WiFi. Four hours later, one quarter of the sperm are no longer alive, compared with 14% who had stopped moving in the control samples that were stored at the same temperature that is below the laptop without WiFi radiation.

The important finding is that WiFi electromagnetic radiation has an effect also on the sperm. Most studies on this topic has focused exclusively on the temperature rise of the notebook (which also causes harm, by the way).

Before you panic and throw the notebook away, consider that this experiment was done artificially, with samples from the body. Thus, there is no evidence yet whether the WiFi can affect your ability to have children. It is possible that the skin is not thin enough, and it never hurts to be cautious, but this has not been investigated yet. Soas a precaution, do not hold the notebook too close to their private parts for a longtime – the same for the other things that use WiFi as tablets or phones.

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