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>U.S. Federal Government and Google plan to generate power by pouring water in volcanoes

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Science does not rest in their search for new sources of clean energy economy. TheU.S. Federal Government, Google and many other investors are confident thatgeothermal energy will be the culmination of his lifelong pursuit.

Geothermal energy (use the heat of our own planet for energy) is not a new concept, now there are several plants that use energy from geysers to produce electricity, but now plan to go beyond pouring 24 million gallons of water directly into a dormant volcano, and expect that the energy generated by the boiling water ejected to the outside is sufficient to generate large amounts of energy.

The Federal government, Google and other big investors are betting no less thanU.S. $ 43 million on this project in Oregon, Newberry Volcano being chosen for this purpose, and are expected to give evidence first start in a few months.

This project has raised many fears among residents near the volcano, fearing thatthis unusual activity in the dormant volcano, it wakes up from his “dream“, causingtremors and even possibly a rash, fears that the project leaders say are unfounded.

If successful the project would get very cheap electrical energy to produce, and could be implemented in many dormant volcanoes exist on our planet. We recommend reading the full article from ABC News.
Link: Project to Pour Water Into Volcano to Make Power 

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