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>Twitter: new interface

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As long as a large service changes its interface can not go unnoticed, much less for me to love the subject of interfaces and interaction with users. Twitter is one of them who decided to push literally a mountain. and renew its interface in all itsappearances.

The idea is to make the company easy to follow what intereza, discover new things and connect with the rest. To achieve this streamlined service to use in all five areas: Home, Connect, Discover, Profile and Scripture. In short, the idea is to showmore useful information than simple, and allows to discover new without being a pain in the fret.

Both the desktop version to mobile phones and tablets, including their respectiveApps, and have been updated during the evening with the new interface. It all comes together quite well on all devices, which is appreciated in keeping the experienceacross different devices.

If you do not see it, simply press F5 or refresh their iOS or Android App on your device when it detects a new version. Those still behind can visit the new site dedicated to explaining the new interface.

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