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>The Prime Transformer is not delayed

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After his day of release paper, the first team with Tegra 3 does not appear in the windows. Some rumors suggest that the tablet had been delayed until next year,something that sounded logical given the minor mishaps that were observed in the units to the press, but thankfully ASUS has said that everything is on the agenda.

Prime Transformer Some models had problems with the WiFi signal, which isplayed as well as wayerless editor the next morning we roasted one. In fact it was right tobe several articles on just one approach, the company hoping to fix the problem with a new unit to complete a thorough analysis. Hence came the rumor that ASUS had delayed the first team for the upcoming Tegra 3, missing Christmas fully, to solve theproblem.

ASUS has not said whether the problem is isolated or can be fixed with a software update, but they are sure they will start to ship the equipment from the December 19, about 8 days, in North America, while in line becomes available Monday morning December 12. That gives us about 6 days for the market to move Tegra 3 just to appear under the tree if the transport is well.

Eye, it also always doubts, because ASUS USA only married to keep the date for is industry. Maybe in Europe or Asia LationamĂ©rica, see Transformer Prime few days later, or right next year. Hopefully all will be, the more you delay, the closer the iPad 3.

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