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The idea is not exactly new nor innovative, as the thermoelectric effect is known and there are other technologies that do the same, but at a much higher cost.To see that this is not new, the known Peltiers are using this effect, but in the case of the Peltier effect – discovered by French physicist Jean-Charles Peltier-cooling allows temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, with the help of an electrical flow and also by the Peltier cooler with a large side which is heated, while the cold side makes contact with the chip to be cooled.The big hit that gave the researchers the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials, University of Wake Forest, is managed that carbon nanotubes could serve the same purpose, make use of the temperature difference between the environment and our bodies to generate a useful electrical load, producing energy and furthermore they may be fabricated as a synthetic fabric.Now, this new discovery will have a long way since its nearest competitor, the bismuth telluride, semiconductor that today is said to be the natural replacement of silicon in the manufacture of chips for its unusual ability to allow the flow of electrons across its surface without dissipating energy as heat, also has the ability to be used in thermoelectric materials.What is clear is that the bismuth telluride (Bi2Te3) is much more expensive than the Power Felt, as the former per gram costs $ 1, while for the second with the same dollar can add the Power Felt all the carcass of a smartphone and are confident that with few dollars more to a gadget, portable console, notebook and technically anything.Now, there is a healthy variety, as each line of research will focus on finding the strengths of its discovery and strengthening it so that tomorrow is elected for various tasks, from making chips to think of replacing the solar panels.For now, nanotechnology and molecular materials studies are beginning to shed light on many of our problems of daily living, in a way that we thought might happen, but the fact is that solutions to many of our problems are closer than we think.Just imagine, that our car was able to power the air conditioning waste heat from the exhaust system if the vehicle is using an internal combustion engine, or car seats can charge the battery, or the roof using the temperature difference outside and inside I acted like a solar panel, but thermoelectric effect and photoelectric.

The possibilities for research, development and successful outcomes for our daily lives are endless, what do you think?.