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As part of a television interview, former CEO and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gatesexpressed his views on tax policy that should govern the United States. And it says, facing financial problems in his country there are “the rich who must make a sacrifice,” arguing that the wealthy should pay higher taxes than others and that evenhe would not be contributing as much as it should, because that’s the current policies, which in his opinion would be wrong.

Bill Gates described his idea as “just justice,” and he called the rest of his friends with money to “share this sense of sacrifice” and “do their part” to not only keep him with the concept of paying more taxes, something that probably will not drop any good among those who accumulate great fortunes and seek to keep them as intactas possible.

Remember that Bill Gates has long been dedicated to philanthropy, donatinghelping the rest incredible amounts of money that even the most detractors of this character has changed their image of him, all through the Bill & Melinda GatesFoundation, the has been responsible for collecting literally billions of dollars to helpin different areas of human welfare.