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Welcome everyone, possibly the last years of humanity as we know it today. In addition to the eventual end of the world, an event that we plan to fully cover many things we hope to mark a milestone in the next 12 months come upon us.

A Apple has done well with the Macbook Air, to the point that several products have attempted to compete with the lightweight device. Intel wants to give a hand to the laptop manufacturer, and it will be flooding the market in the coming days with the concept of ultrabooks equipment more portable than ordinary notebooks.
The idea of ??creating a niche sub-notebook with portability, sacrificing some raw power, can work well in the market of netbooks tired and too basic specifications, products that are already being displaced by the tablets. But as they say here, there are no bad products, but poor prices. Be seen whether the ultrabooks achieve ubiquitous off against Macbook Air, or succumb to its own weight.
In the best case, delete the netbook world and will become the de facto choice between tablets and notebooks more powerful (and more expensive). Dreaming is free.
28nm graphic

Most factories are preparing to move to the next step in miniaturization of transistors, and plots to take over the process will begin 28nm TSMC, one of many higher volume of production where fall (again) the following GPUs generation.
AMD will be premiering at the beginning of this year’s series Radeon HD 7000, which will be made to this size. NVIDIA hopes to show its official response, code-named Kepler, a few months or weeks depending on how their development. Both have the goal of gambling outweigh the 40nm previous litters, and again give rise to another war of fanboys in our forums.
Ivy Bridge

Intel’s next step is the miniaturization of the Sandy Bridge architecture, which will use 3D transistors. There will be a simple 22nm production, which is giving new lower TDP chips, there is another new feature under the hood: PCI Express 3.0, DirectX 11, Quick Sync Video 2.0 and native support USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt by Panther Point, the new chipset that will accompany the new processors – unless you decide to stay a little longer to Cougar Point.
Not many details more than four months after its release, but before the end of the first half of 2012 are in the windows should be highly available. Intel is expected that the Core i5-3570K is the most highlight of all the models have unlocked multiplier.
Windows 8 and the war in tablets

Microsoft’s operating system was never friendly touch screen computers, but Windows 8 is emerging as the perfect companion for them. Not only be friendly with ARM, straight version that could not have the classic desktop and you can come to the market for tablets with the architecture used in the industry, but also with x86, giving way to all-in- a capacitive screens. Thereafter, expect an avalanche of mobile products incorporating Windows 8.
The possibilities are endless, and hope many will switch to the new operating system Microsoft Windows if they manage to transform into a complete ecosystem, integrating Live, XBOX and other services into one. That is exactly what Android and webOS have not, and IOS to a lesser degree.
Piledriver, a second chance

Bulldozer has not done any good by 2011 (at least under Windows), but still a good choice for its price. This should be much better second half, Piledriver make time for its release, and all the Windows software is ready for the new architecture.
The new architecture is reported to be 10% more powerful than Bulldozer, which may not be enough to offer more than Ivy Bridge, but the versions with integrated graphics should kick Intel’s ass again.
If AMD manages to position your product in the market for low-power devices and good graphics in a much more profound, is sure to be the de facto choice to accompany Windows 8, there are no problems with the new architecture of “modules” of AMD.
The end of the worldThis December 21 is supposedly the end of the world. Many prophecies seem to have interbred with the Mayan prediction that indicates this day as the end of an era.It could be a change socio-economic-cultural, or innocence of our predecessors, or in respect of death of civilization. Shift, firestorms, nuclear wars, diseases and pests, rpm, alien invasion, anything accepted with open arms, except for any damage to your PC.