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>Stop SOPA!

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On January 24 the U.S. Congress will vote on laws and PIPA SOUP, which seeks toprotect copyright through measures that can be used to censor the InternetAgainst this, several companies in the network have raised their voice and are not justWikipedia and Reddit who express their discontent and go black during these 24 hours, but also Google, Mozilla and many others also do their own thing.

Because Google has included a link in your home that invites us to take actionagainst these laws, while, like Wikipedia, replaced its website awarning announcement and call for information, action taken by the same popularCuevano movies page, the website Reddit, the homepage of Minecraft and the cover of Greenpeace.

Other names such as Flickr or Twitpic also add to the discontent with SOPA and pipe through small gestures in design or entries in their blogs where they express their position.

Now, while this is not the big blackout was expected for January 23, where he allegedly was involved up to Amazon, the initiative continues today especially valuethe gestures of Wikipedia and Google, two major Internet that could potentiallymotivate the rest in order to fulfill the prediction of January 23.

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