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>Samsung presents his vision of transparent and flexible AMOLED

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What is in its infancy today, tomorrow is probably the most widely used technology,transparent and flexible displays. No wonder the Mobile Display Division ofSamsung is taking the matter seriously for quite some time. The last thing you have shown is a video that shows how they see the future of these products.

As seen in the video, no longer exist as tablets and phones today, but will be a single device thanks to the AMOLED digital paper can unwind to see things in greater detail. Other applications that are beyond: the ability to record video or take pictures from them directly, seize all the benefits of augmented reality, and displayholograms on them.

Dreaming costs nothing and this is very far, but these videos are those that givesome form to achieve goals in the coming years. In addition, Samsung is not the only thinking about these technologies. Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson NeoView Kolonand also want to join this movement to make the screens more than simple 
rigid panels.

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