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>Razer Blade will be released before this Christmas

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With just a couple of weeks to fully enter the eve of Christmas, and in view of thatRazer has announced that preorders will be opening his notebook Blade in the coming days.

According to the company, is the “first real gamer notebook to hit the market, but is a device with mixed feelings. On the one hand has everything a laptop  very light could have made ??for games: LED trackpad, 17.3-inch screen Full HD, 8GB ofDDR3 RAM, a dual-core processor 2.8GHz Core i7, a GeForce GT 555m with2GB, Bluetooth 3.0 and a 256GB SSD. The latter is a big change from the 320GBdisk previously offered, who knows if it was obtained feedback by the community or the Crisis of hard disks.

Despite having a higher disk performance, and be in pears and apples, a hugemachine that is also its Achilles Heel. The price for this beauty stands (or rather, still stands) to $ 2,800. This basically amounts to an Alienware, ASUS and Sagersimilar or better features, two well-equipped Air Macbooks. Even a desktop computer hardware with three monitors, and Eyefinity Crossfire, which is secured incourt for at least two generations.

However, the team is leaving the factory to meet a select group, while the rest of uscan now start spending the F5 button on the Razer site to see when the pre-sale. If they have oil reserves to do so.

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