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>Microsoft Windows will reveal details of the Store this Thursday 6

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Today abound Windows 8 news, and this is no exception to join the party. But it’s nota rumor, not a fortune telling, but a fact confirmed by the very Microsoft. This Tuesday will present a preview of what they plan as Windows Store, which will beintegrated virtual Windows 8 when it launches in 2012.

For now, details are scarce and rumors on this store, we hope to confirm when itdebuts next week:

It will allow users to download trial versions for a limited time, making the developers do not need to develop versions of “lite” or “Free” in their Apps.
They also include free versions of programs such as is the custom today.
Microsoft tested and certified every App is launched to not have security holes andother errors.
Both made ??for Metro applications and the desktop would be in the classic WindowsStore, but the latter will only be a link to the developer’s site. Something like a MacApp Store means.
Developers may advertise their apps via a link sent directly to the Windows Store,where you can download directly.
And the last rumor, cloudier than the rest, is its integration with Xbox 360, Games forWindows Marketplace and Windows Phone.
All this information has earmarks of being true, but Microsoft is who has the ball now. This Tuesday December 6, within four days, say what you have in mind to getApps market that until now has been largely led by the iTunes App Store, Mac AppStore and Android Marketplace. If someone is invited to Laurent Studio in SanFrancisco, California, at 4:00 PM and tell right from there, much better

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