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>Intel will launch three new Core i5 Sandy Bridge without IGP

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All current desktop Sandy Bridge chips have IGP, but Intel plans to change this by introducing its new line of microprocessors Core i5 “P Series”, which possess noIGP, needing to install a dedicated video card, even if installed in a motherboardwith video outputs such as those based on chipsets H61, H67 and Z68.

Among the new Intel Sandy Bridge chips without IGP are:

Core i5-2380P

Quad-core chip running at 3.1Ghz (a 3.4GHz thanks to Turbo Boost Technology2.0), virtually identical to the specifications of the current Core i5-2400, but unlike the latter has no IGP.

Core i5-2450P

Quad-core microprocessor running at a frequency of 3.2GHz (3.5GHz thanks to itsTurbo Boost Technology 2.0), specifications that put him close to the Core i5-2500 (100MHz little less).

Core i5-2550K

Discovered a few weeks ago this new chip has 4 cores running at 3.4GHz (3.8GHzthanks to its Turbo Boost technology 2.0). Like other microprocessors of the line “K” has the unlocked multiplier.

These 3 new chips have 6MB of L3 and a TDP of 95W, also have disabled VT-dtechnologies (virtualization of devices), and TXT (anti-malware protection). Are expected to be launched during the first 3 months of 2012.

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