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>Intel announces its financial results for 2011 and HP discount code

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Paul Otellini, Intel President and CEO, begins the press release announcing thecompany’s financial results as follows: “The 2011 was a banner year for Intel.” Andno wonder, since in 2011 they sold the sum of USD $ 54,000 million (USD $ 10,000million more than in 2010), registering a gain directly into the pockets of USD $ 12,900 million.

In detail, the area of ??PCs for consumers sold USD $ 35,400 million, up 17% over2010, while the group of data centers played along with a USD $ 10,100 million (up 17%), other architectures Intel reported USD $ 5,000 million (64% above) and the division of Intel CPUs and chipsets for Atom sold USD $ 1,200 million, a precipitous drop of 25% by the year 2010.

In terms of figures bounded, in the last three months of last year (Q4) were sold USD$ 13,900 million and earned USD $ 3,400 million, with Atom being the only one whohas been downward, like all year, but with a 57% difference according to the Q4 of last year, showing that this technology is already obsolete and Intel are givingsomething so strong the issue of Ultrabooks, natural replacement for netbooks with Atom.

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