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>ID Software releases the source code for Doom 3 free for all!

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And finally emerged what many expected. The source code of id Tech 4 has left the public from the hand of John Carmack, with the intent to leverage their many projects– not necessarily video games – with this engine.

The id Tech 4 does not come without its tricks, of course. One technology that includes this engine is the famous “Carmack Reverse”, the calculation of volumetric shadows using the stencil buffer. Although it was discovered by John Carmack in 2000 while developing Doom 3, Creative Labs had patented parallel a year earlier.In other words, thanks to these patents legal technique Carmack has been removed.There was much work to do, only meant to add 4 new lines and modifying two others.

By the way, the engine that moved games like Doom 3, Wolfenstein (2009) andBrink, have no trace of art, textures, sounds and other materials used in previous games, it is still copyrighted. The id Tech 4 is available now on Github, and is licensed under the GPL3, so there is enough action framework to distribute and redistribute it, do it and undo it.

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