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>How facebook spy us

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People always talk about how evil can be the big corporations and especially the Internet are handled. We have a long list of those who use their privileged position to know all about us trying to breathe many times per day. While many boast that they do not have Facebook, because you do not want to give information to Mr Mark, tell them that this tactic is as effective as having an account and be part of the 800 million users world-renowned network.
The reason of this lies in that the network uses two ways to know all of us, one is going to the profiles of its users and the other is through cookies, yes cookies. The technique of “espionage” is worth it if any of those things in life you get to click a link that leads to a Facebook page for public access, the demonic site adds a cookie evade some let them know until screen resolution you are using and this is where the strength of this method, since although many boast that they have never had and never have a Facebook account, no acosumbramos to see people who say they never click on a link or Facebook never have done, simple and effective.Now, this is clearly a very clear and is very close to the illegal, so the Federal Trade Commission, U.S. agency responsible for protecting consumers in this country indicates that the practices of the social network violates the privacy of usersmaking public much information from them. If they say it’s a reason. Taking advantage of computer graphics author of the article may be quoted as a reference to better understand how they do it to learn more about what we want to know about us.The first case is when a member of the network and it uses the cookie, which is normally added to the browser to get the information you need. The second option is to do something like this but with non-users or are not logged in when surfing. In simple words, they know more than they should know and do not do so good.Now, is it fair that Facebook is making millions and millions of dollars, misusing the private information of millions of people, consenting or not the use of such information on their privacy affected?

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  • zulu says:

    This is kinda creepy. How far can a website go with tracking you, really? Where is the end of the line? In my opinion, these are some pretty interesting questions for the future, waiting to be solved. Curious as to what the answer will be.

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