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>Firefox 10 will have support extended for 1 year

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Since early last year adopted a policy Mozilla releases Firefox 4.0 starting from fastto the current Firefox 9.01. Although this policy has contributed to the rapiddevelopment of the browser, has not been very well received by the business sector, which requires a long-time support.

To please all types of users, Mozilla has decided to change its policy again tolaunch a hybrid model, much like Ubuntu LTS versions, while maintaining its policy of rapid releases, but adding a version ESR (Extended Support Release) per year,which enjoy support, upgrades, bug fixes and security holes, and maintain full compatibility with extensions and plugins developed for it for a year and then bereplaced by another version ESR each following year.

The first version will be the next Firefox ESR 10, which will be released within a fewweeks, and is expected to be the next version of Firefox ESR 17, so that indirectlyreveals that Mozilla Firefox will 16 this year.

Mozilla expects to recover ESR versions participation in the business sector, many of whom still remain with the longtime Firefox 3.6. We will keep you informed.

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