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>Check out the new cover on YouTube with just a "hack"

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Google is renovating nearly all its services for Google + can penetrate deeper intosocial networks, and YouTube is one of those who are also receiving their adequacy. The problem is that this is an inside job, but do not worry, the solution to see the new cover is a copy-and-paste away.

To access the new homepage of YouTube – do not confuse with the public trial ofPanda Cosmic – you must simply create a new cookie in the browser. In Chromeand Firefox is relatively easy. Just go to Youtube, open the Developer Tools (CTRL+ Shift + J) in Chrome, or the Web console (CTRL + Shift + K) in Firefox, and pastethis line in the commands:

document.cookie = “ST1Ti53r4fU VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE =“;

YouTube and then reload. This creates a new cookie to access the new Googleservice cover, which lets you see your friend’s activity on Facebook and Google +more easy, and recommendations to improve the view, trends and popularity ofvideos. In case you did not like, and want to return to the previous version, simplydelete cookies from YouTube.

There is again an improved version for uploading videos, which can be viewed at the following address:

For now no one knows for sure if other browsers you can activate the new cover, butCosmic Panda and the new manager should have no trouble rising to be activated.

No date for the launch of the new interface, but if you are under trials, perhaps in the coming weeks we can see everything in action.

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