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>CES 2012: AMD introduces the Ultrathins, the worst nightmare for Ultrabooks

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The 2011 was a terrible year for Intel Ultrabooks which due to their high prices have failed to arouse the interest of users so that their sales have been minimal, and notIntel’s efforts to reduce its price as eliminate its elegant aluminum housing and replacing it with a plastic, or using hybrid storage, failed to save the Ultrabooks.

Intel believes that this year its new microprocessor based Ultrabooks Ivy BridgeULV will have better luck. But Intel is not the only one who thinks this is the year in which ultra-thin notebooks will be the trade boom, as AMD has its own plans, and from the CES 2012 presented their laptops: Ultrathins, a name chosen to avoid falling into problems associated with the brand recently patented by Intel Ultrabook.

The AMD Ultrathins be based on the Trinity APU ULV (if it sounds to Ivy Bridge is no coincidence ULV), which will be available in BGA, possess Piledriver 2 modules (4integer processing units), Radeon HD 7000 graphics possess, and have a TDP of only 17W.

At this point it is worth mentioning that the Ars Tecnica IGP say the Trinity is based on Core architecture Next Graphic (the same used in the GPU Radeon HD 7970), which is consistent with the assumptions of SemiAccurate, and with the recent announcement AMD where he states that Trinity will have a 50% higher graphics performance to that of Llano.

AMD expects to offer its aggressive pricing Ultrathins from U.S. $ 500, which will beconsiderably lower than those of Ultrabooks cheaper (U.S. $ 800), and even the nextUltrabooks based on Ivy Bridge (which will reduce its price $ 700 perhaps later thisyear).

AMD has not revealed the release date of their Ultrathins, which date is expected tobe announced during the event Financial Analist in February.

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