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Microsoft has call for all Windows software developers to participate in an event ‘aptly’ named, Windows AppFest, to be held fromĀ  September 21 in Bangalore, India, India’s own “Silicon Valley”. The objective? Promote the NEW Windows 8 as a platform to create and design software, nonetheless, there is also an ulterior motive: to smash into and break Guinness Book of Records.

The concept, as outlined on the company’s official blog, is arranging the grandest marathon programming event on earth, which will endure for 18 consecutive hours and will focus on the implementation and creation of tools specifically designed for the new Windows OS, Windows 8 , due to launch this coming October 26.

This is not Microsoft’s first time organizing something, because these conventions draw in programmers everyday in the business, having organized more than 750 events in 50 different countries. Mind you, India is unique, as it seeks to break a record that nobody would have thought possible.