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>Alienware M11x is discontinued

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Dell has updated its line of portable gamers Alienware M14x, M17x and M18x, improvements in graphics and in some interfaces that increase performance. Butnotably absent this party was the Alienware M11x, which has now been listed asdiscontinued, ie not be made anymore.

This was an innovative model for when it was released as a 11-inch sizeshowed features worthy of a larger team, with good CPU and graphics performance especially in an age where the notebook of this class were governed by Intel Atom netbooks with integrated graphics and lousyperformance.

But apparently the niche of enthusiastic gamers are looking for larger formats, with the novelty and spent two years after the premiere of the Alienware M11x,which has now passed away.


So far, not many are convinced of the need to change your notebook for the “new”ultrabooks and Intel is that if there is commitment now to convince the millions of potential buyers, AMD may play a convincing enough letter to the next launch of the new laptop and desktop platform, Trinity.

More over, considering that Intel‘s net profit soared in Q1 of 2011, there is cash to spend so much money that the campaign is called the “hundreds of millions of dollars”, one of the most powerful made ??by the mark in the last ten years and that makes what they call the new age of computing

It all started with this YouTube video and a television advertising campaign, plus the publicity possible to find in the street in the form of posters and the site will be created to promote this new format laptops powered by Intel.

Now, at first said “new” ultrabooks because the idea originally comes from Apple with its MacBook Air, despite having Intel hardware inside is the work of Apple.

The challenge of these teams is not trivial, since they expect to be replacing the cumbersome and heavy laptops that we have today, targeted at high performanceCPU and graphical, with ultra compact cooling system and also with batteries length, all in a small space. We had the opportunity to try one of these new teams, the Acer Aspire TimelineU.

We leave you with the video Ultrabook: Desperado, that the style of the Old Westhopes to show graphically the difference between the “old notebooks” and “new ultrabooks