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>new ipad on Jobs birthday

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It may sound like a desperate measure, but the strategic point of view does not seem like much. The new rumor about the Apple tablet said he would be officially launched on 24 February, the day where we celebrate the birthday of Steve Jobs.How are you?

These reports are due to sources of Taiwanese manufacturers responsible forsome components of the iPad 3, which is presumed to be A6 Retinal Display and Apple, which managed to capture the Economic Daily News tabloid. This becomesmuch more less force if we consider that February 24 falls Friday, the day of the week‘s favorite apple to announce new things (they usually do on Tuesdays). It is very likely to be a paper launch with full availability in April, or March at the best.

Now is the media effect to be seen if Apple decides to honor the memory of SteveJobs with a new product if they knew that was his vision in a while. If so, expect long lines in stores to also be part of this event. For Apple, much more profitable thanlighting candles at the entrance of each store.

new ipad 3 baby!


Since its launch in January 2010, version 3.6 of Mozilla’s popular Firefox browser, has become one of the most long-lived versions when supported by Mozilla, version3.6.25 being released just three days ago the most recent and apparently forcingusers will continue to continue to update Mozilla.This resistance to change responds to the policy change and Mozilla launches its controversial fast scheme introduced since the release of Firefox 4.0 earlier thisyear, and that often causes many of the existing plug-ins and, no longer work in the new version of the browser. Factor that is frowned upon by some users, and especially by the business sector.Mozilla summarized in a chart all the progress that has enjoyed your browser due to its rapid release schedules in just 1 year, where starting with Firefox 4.0, up to the current Firefox 9.0.1, which is 7 times the performance of “old” Firefox 3.6 (and 32times that of the original Firefox 1.0), plus half the memory consuming, and announcing new features such as synchronization or arrival of new platforms such asAndroid.

Although I must point out that since the launch of Firefox 7, which cut memory usageconsiderablywe have seen little improvement in the following versionsAlthoughFirefox 10, which will be released next year looks promising.

Who knows what new developments we see in future versions of Firefox over 2012, but having tried the latest nightly version of Firefox 12, I see no significant changescompared to Firefox 10, so I assume we’ll have to wait until 13 for Firefox notice anysignificant change. We will keep you informed.


To test the NVIDIA Tesla platform can only be simple tools for supercomputing,green company just announced that the Beijing Genomics Institute has just taken agiant step in analyzing the DNA sequencing.

Previously, this process could take about 4 days, or 96 hours to complete. With thefarm‘s company Tesla Jen Hsun-Huang, the time has been reduced to only 6 hours.This allows scientists to have more data in hand, and give the potential for researchers and professionals to achieve new drugs or treatments to custom, and above all affordable.

The Tesla-accelerated processes: Alignment SOAP3, assembly and sequencing ofgenomes for comparison, GSNP, detection of single nucleotide polymorphism, andGAMA, location specific frequency of variants in genes (eye color, cancer risk, etc.).

For they say that the idea of this is the goal of U.S. $ 1,000, which apparently refers to the reduced cost of conducting research and results. It seems that the way of theGPU solve this financial problem  as good Gabo points us in the comments, is the cost to process an entire human genome. Would not surprise me that we will soonbegin to charge less for a DNA test.

Via press release


In the north of China, in the village of Tianjin, NVIDIA and Foxconn have been taken from the hands to the founding of a new center for research and technological development, an event which was directed by the President of Foxconn, Terry Guo,and CEO NVIDIA, Jen-hsu Huang.

The idea of ??this adventure together will hasten the development of new elements related to the manufacture of tablets, smart phones (smartphones) and serverssuitable for cloud computing in the Internet (cloud computing), which certainly points to the design chips more energy efficient than current NVIDIA area already has a presence with its Tegra series.

This is intended to combine efforts to leverage the strengths of both companies,chip designers Nvidia and Foxconn labor in search of the domain of mobile area for the coming years.

>Nokia N9 Review

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Once again will surprise you at Wayerless and this time we bring SuperMegaHiperReview  one of the last teams in the Finnish Nokia. I refer to the N9, a smartphone that operates with the operating system MeeGo Harmattan,features a 3.9 inch AMOLED screen, 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, 1 GHz processor, TV-out, HD video recording, technology NFC and Dolby Mobile.

The Nokia N9 is one of the last existing successful teams Nseries line and becomes the replacement for the Nokia N8 also successful. The design of this smartphone is a novel concept because it completely eliminates any key on the front and is nowfully touch. Unfortunately this team does not have a good future is assured, asStephen Elop took the drastic decision to take a different path and maximizeWindows Phone 7 bypassing the N9 and dismissing as a product in major global markets, sentencing him to a “death “premature as well as with the N900.


2G Network: GSM-GPRS-EDGE 850/900/1800/1900

3G Network: HSDPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100

Dimensions: 116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1 mm, weight 135 grams

Display: 3.9 inch AMOLED with 16 million colors, the capacitive type16:9 image aspect and resolution of 480 × 854 pixels.

Storage: 16 GB

Operating System: OS 1.2 MeeGo Harmattan

Processor: ARM Cortex-A8 1 GHz

Chip Graphic: PowerVR SGX530


Camera: 8 megapixels (3264 × 2448) with dual LED flash, auto focus, face detection, optical Carl Zeiss, HD video recording in 720p 1280 × 720 with manual or auto focus and VGA front camera

Connector: MicroUSB 2.0 high speed standard 3.5mm audio output jack

Wireless connections: Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP and EDR, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, NFC, Wi-Fi Hotspot and A-GPS

Battery: BV-5JW of 1450 mAh Li-Ion type

Colors: Black (the one we tested), Cyan, Magenta, Glossy white

Other: Works with MicroSim incorporates Angry Birds Magic games (NFC), Galaxy on Fire 2, Real Golf 2011 and Need For Speed ??Shift, Facebook and Twitterintegrated Nokia Maps application, Skype and YouTube built in, among others.


I think the vast majority of the Nokia Nseries line have been characterized by elegantand stylish designs, and the N9 is no exceptionThis team has a design that exudeselegance with striking design you have. In size, I could compare it with the Galaxy SII and N9 is a little smaller, walk nearly equal thicknessand weight the N9 turns out to be a little heavier. However, the team did not bother at all when it‘s in yourpockets, it’s really convenient to carry.

Its dimensions are 116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1 mm and its weight is 135 grams with battery.The design of this equipment could say it’s almost perfect as it has no parts nor is ituncomfortable places that are loose, everything is in place. What impresses the design of this equipment is that it is all sealed, no places to be seen to open the equipment. As I see it, if one wants to disarm, I think it must be done from the same screen because I see other places where you can disarm.

Well, we begin to examine the design: the front of N9 can see its 3.9 inch screen, followed by the logo “NOKIA”, we also see the headset, proximity sensor andambient light, and finally the camera front, which is located down the right.

In the back of the machine, we can see the color of the environment where we can see the chrome logo “NOKIA” and “Carl Zeiss Tessar,” accompanied by the 8-megapixel camera and dual LED flash.

On the sides, specifically the left side of the computer, do not we find anything. Go to the right side, we find three chrome colored keysOne is used to lock / unlock the screen and turn off / turn on the computer, the other two serve to increase or decrease the volume and digital zoom camera.

At the top, we find the audio output jack 3.5 mm, then comes the MicroUSB portwhich is protected by a plastic cover, and next we find the MicroSIM card input, whichis inserted means of a removable trayBelow the equipment, we find the speaker and microphone.
Nokia N9 l has a design that love, although it is almost the same as we do with the Lumia 800, which is well appreciated. The terms that have good design is good and is well smart, so I put the highest mark in the design of N9. Apart from that anyone who showed the N9, the first thing that caught his eye was just the design, and everyone loved it.
Harmattan MeeGo 1.2 is an operating system that really promised and fed up, and it worked super well, had many interesting effects, but how to use it a bit complicated at first who first used Meegan, but then you get used to. Unfortunately, the decision made by Stephen Elop to take a different path and maximize Windows Phone 7 N9 aside and dismissing this as a product in major global markets, sentenced him to death and thus assured the app store is pretty poor in content because no developers interested in a platform that has no future.
I quite liked the camera, the result obtained when capturing a picture with the N9 are excellent, with good colors and good definition. Unfortunately I can not say the same for the videos. It’s not that bad out the videos, but I think they have very low quality, because record videos with the DivX codec (which many prefer not due to poor quality) and also burn to 7705 Kbps is not enough for the video to stay with acceptable quality.
The music player is pretty good, I liked its design and functions they have, but it is unacceptable that does not have an equalizer to enhance the audio. The only improvement that can be applied is the surround sound effect that delivers Dolby Headphone. Luckily in the app store I found a player that is equal to the original but has equalizer.
The video player I found it more or less no more, because it is basic. On the screen, I found it pretty good, has good definition, good colors and good brightness, which is thanks enough.
The battery I found it excellent! It has very good length, note that MeeGo know very well manage energy consumption, which I liked a lot.
Now, if you ask me if I buy this computer or not, the answer is NO. Why? Because the operating system of this team is good, has no future because it discontinued Nokia. If I buy it, it would be exactly the same as if I had a Nokia with Symbian 5th Edition. That is the sad reality experienced this great team and will happen the same thing happened to another machine called the N900.


Retina Display is one of the great features of iPhone 4 when it was last year at the windows, showing that Apple screen resolution would have already won the battle.While not beyond the iPhone refused 4S, the apple does not take long to integrate this technology not only on the iPad 3, but in a possible new MacBook Pro.

Reported around Digitimes sources that Apple will release a new Macbook Pro the second quarter of 2012 with a resolution of 2,880 x 1800 pixels, exceeding which offers 17-inch version (1920 × 1200). Speaking of proportions, would have a 150%more pixels than a full HD supposedly on the same 17 inches. With this new equipment will also gain the Thunderbolt Display 27-inch 2560 × 1440 resolution, which currently sells for $ 999. Now, it is unclear whether it will be only a particular model or the full upgrade of the entire line to include this technology.

Make a team with a 33% larger screen resolution would embarrass the entire competition, which will have the difficult task of same, better, or offer other bonusesfor not offering a 5.1 megapixel screen. Apple means something quite unique: morerows of fanboys waiting to buy the product first all, at least if you come to realize. At least they are already fed up with the debts caused by the iPad 3, which would also be used in addition to Apple Retina Display A6 quad core if the rumors are correct.

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We have already seen everything that has happened in Thailand with flooding in the area and drive manufacturers based in it, such as Seagate and Western Digital. It isalso an issue that negatively impacted the PC industry in general, and thanks to the lack of this key component, had to deliver fewer units than expected in recent months.

It’s so well that Intel just reported that during the period of three months surroundingthe holidays, while sales will increase, they will not be enough to meet the expectations of the company previously set when expected revenue $ 13,700million, a figure that has been reduced by $ 1,000 million.

Facing the situation, Intel commented that “the entire production chain of PCs in theworld are reducing their inventories,” which results in also “buy fewer of microprocessors” following the issue of hard drives. They also said they expected the situation to rise again during the middle of 2012, when in general all startheading back to normal, as predicted. intel should need an insurance service for this.

>The Prime Transformer is not delayed

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After his day of release paper, the first team with Tegra 3 does not appear in the windows. Some rumors suggest that the tablet had been delayed until next year,something that sounded logical given the minor mishaps that were observed in the units to the press, but thankfully ASUS has said that everything is on the agenda.

Prime Transformer Some models had problems with the WiFi signal, which isplayed as well as wayerless editor the next morning we roasted one. In fact it was right tobe several articles on just one approach, the company hoping to fix the problem with a new unit to complete a thorough analysis. Hence came the rumor that ASUS had delayed the first team for the upcoming Tegra 3, missing Christmas fully, to solve theproblem.

ASUS has not said whether the problem is isolated or can be fixed with a software update, but they are sure they will start to ship the equipment from the December 19, about 8 days, in North America, while in line becomes available Monday morning December 12. That gives us about 6 days for the market to move Tegra 3 just to appear under the tree if the transport is well.

Eye, it also always doubts, because ASUS USA only married to keep the date for is industry. Maybe in Europe or Asia Lationamérica, see Transformer Prime few days later, or right next year. Hopefully all will be, the more you delay, the closer the iPad 3.


With just a couple of weeks to fully enter the eve of Christmas, and in view of thatRazer has announced that preorders will be opening his notebook Blade in the coming days.

According to the company, is the “first real gamer notebook to hit the market, but is a device with mixed feelings. On the one hand has everything a laptop  very light could have made ??for games: LED trackpad, 17.3-inch screen Full HD, 8GB ofDDR3 RAM, a dual-core processor 2.8GHz Core i7, a GeForce GT 555m with2GB, Bluetooth 3.0 and a 256GB SSD. The latter is a big change from the 320GBdisk previously offered, who knows if it was obtained feedback by the community or the Crisis of hard disks.

Despite having a higher disk performance, and be in pears and apples, a hugemachine that is also its Achilles Heel. The price for this beauty stands (or rather, still stands) to $ 2,800. This basically amounts to an Alienware, ASUS and Sagersimilar or better features, two well-equipped Air Macbooks. Even a desktop computer hardware with three monitors, and Eyefinity Crossfire, which is secured incourt for at least two generations.

However, the team is leaving the factory to meet a select group, while the rest of uscan now start spending the F5 button on the Razer site to see when the pre-sale. If they have oil reserves to do so.