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We have already seen everything that has happened in Thailand with flooding in the area and drive manufacturers based in it, such as Seagate and Western Digital. It isalso an issue that negatively impacted the PC industry in general, and thanks to the lack of this key component, had to deliver fewer units than expected in recent months.

It’s so well that Intel just reported that during the period of three months surroundingthe holidays, while sales will increase, they will not be enough to meet the expectations of the company previously set when expected revenue $ 13,700million, a figure that has been reduced by $ 1,000 million.

Facing the situation, Intel commented that “the entire production chain of PCs in theworld are reducing their inventories,” which results in also “buy fewer of microprocessors” following the issue of hard drives. They also said they expected the situation to rise again during the middle of 2012, when in general all startheading back to normal, as predicted. intel should need an insurance service for this.

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